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Ayurvedic Spa Services

A truly personal journey of variable rituals adapted to the needs of the moment.

Four Hands Synchronised Abhyanga (Full Body Massage By Two Therapist)
Paradise is achieved with an advanced combination of stretching and rolling movements and long deep strokes using warm oil enriched with fragrant spices of the Indian Continent. Two therapists flow in Synchronised harmony for the ultimate tension releasing, deeply relaxing and rebalancing massage to achieve mind and spiritual bliss.


Ayurvedic Abhyanga (Full Body Massage)

This sophisticated treatment begins with a foot cleansing ritual and Dosha consultation before a massage with hot Ayurvedic herbal oil is poured onto the centre of the back. Elongated sweeping movements spread the oils along the whole body, as deeply relaxing, flowing massage techniques soothe and de-stress; a perfect sensual experience to help you to leave the outside world behind and retreat to the pace of island life.


Padabhyanga (Indian Foot Massage)

This treatment uses a Dosha-specific blend of warm Ayurvedic oils and begins with foot bathing and exfoliation, before continuing with a deeply therapeutic Marma Point Massage to the feet. A deeply relaxing foot and lower leg treatment revitalises tired muscles and eases aches and pains.


Shirodhara with Shirobhyanga (Indian Head Massage)

Warmed and spicy Indian oils are used to massage the scalp, neck and shoulders in the Shirobhyanga. Shirodhara 'oil pouring to the third eye' concludes this ritual to create an intensely relaxing treatment experience for calming the mind and releasing tension.