Dive Sites in St Vincent

  Layou Wall
Imagine standing on the top of a 10 storey building, and feeling the urge to jump off... The Wall allows you to do just that! At its deepest point it drops off to over 150ft of vertical wall dive and when the conditions are perfect it is possible to see all the way to the bottom. At the end of the dive there is an area of pristine reef at approximately 25ft where divers can spend their safety stop enjoying the brightly coloured reef fish.

Rock Fort
Situated on the South coast of St Vincent, Rock Fort is one of the island's primary landmarks. Underwater it is also an awesome dive, featuring a variety of aquatic environments from rubble and sand to boulders and caves to a huge expanse of reef. Very strong currents mean that it is usually undertaken as a drift dive. Divers wishing to undertake this dive without a local guide should be aware that there can be a strong rip current and caution should be exercised.

Over There...
Where? Over there! Macro photographers and muck diving enthusiasts will enjoy exploring 'Over There'. A large sandy bank lies under a wall fringed with large boulders. So many critters to see and plenty of time to enjoy them as the maximum depth is around 30ft.

Anchor Reef
Half way up the leeward coast lies Anchor Reef, so named as buried within the reef you'll see (if you look closely) an 18th century anchor. This pretty reef starts at 30ft and then drops to a 120ft wall like a peninsula. Follow this as it comes back in to shore and find an underwater maze of large rocks, caves and swim throughs. Lots of fish, black corals and even a seahorse or two make for a great dive.

Petit Byahaut
This dive site is one of our favourites as it is suitable for all divers, from beginners to the ultra experienced. It provides a sheltered spot on the beach perfect for confined water training for divers wishing to brush up their skills. It also provides a perfect night dive location. The reef opens with a wide sweep of club finger coral and then drops off to around 100ft at its deepest point. Teeming with fish, critters and a wide selection of coral species, we are sure that you will fall in love with this site too!

Back Door
This location offers a number of super dives. Back Door Deep drops down to over 100ft over step reef which leads on to a sheer wall whilst Back Door Shallow provides an amazing underwater forest of sea-fronds and gently waving sea-fans.

Fizzy Reef
An unusual dive in an unusual location. Calliaqua Bay is probably the last place that you would expect to find geo-thermic activity! But there it is alongside a profusion of larger pelagics, huge sea fans and some quite unusual underwater topography.

Sub Rock
A super dive where advanced divers will enjoy the current and surge. With large sea fans, lots of soft corals and the opportunity to see bigger pelagics.